56. Hey You, Remember Me? – Lesson

"Hey You, Remember Me" is a contrafact on the popular jazz standard β€œRecorda Me” by Joe Henderson. This arrangement by Billy Test features the bass in a melodic role, playing the theme in thumb position, supported by the three horns. This presents a particular challenge for the bassist to play in tune (being the main melodic pitch reference), phrase so the horns can follow, and then jump back into the low register to support the soloists. Since the melody is in thumb position, the bass solo section *could* also feature a lot of thumb- position improvising. 

Scroll down for a transcription of this lesson and a lead sheet. The sextet performance and play-along tracks are available in the next lesson.

56. Hey You, Remember Me β€” Lesson and Lead Sheet.pdf

Recommended Listening:

Joe Henderson: Page One [Blue Note, 1963, Butch Warren on bass]

Steps Ahead: Smokin’ in the Pit [CBS/Sony, 1979, Eddie Gomez on bass]

Chick Corea: Trilogy [Concord, 2013, Christian McBride on bass]

Michael Moore & Rufus Reid: Doublebass Delights [Doubletime Records, 1996, Michael Moore & Rufus Reid on basses] 

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