The Bass Player's Rhythm Workshop

A deep-dive into rhythm for double bassists.

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Do you want to improve your rhythmic strength and independence?

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The Bass Player's Rhythm Workshop by Danny Ziemann is an online course which comprises 6 hours of HD video across 47 lessons. This course has been designed for jazz bassists who want to develop a killer rhythmic feel and groove which their bandmates will love!

Many of the lessons feature a live band so you can see and hear how to apply these concepts and ideas in context.

Detailed transcriptions of the exercises, bass lines and solos are included so you can see exactly what Danny is playing. There are 74 pages of sheet music, so you will have everything you need to practice at home.

Optional subtitles in English are provided for each video.

This course is available to view online, exclusively at Discover Double Bass.


Danny Ziemann
Danny Ziemann

Bassist, educator, and author of the jazz bass method books, The Low Down Vol. 1 & 2, Danny is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music and was the 2018 bassist in the Focusyear Artist Diploma band in Basel, Switzerland. Danny currently teaches at The Eastman Community Music School, SUNY Oswego, and is a visiting professor of jazz bass at the Eastman School of Music.


We're going to talk about developing rhythmic independence, how to play in a group situation and how to improve your groove!

We all know that rhythm is important, but why do we focus on it?

As improvisers, we can get fixated on note choice and as bassists, we can also be too focused on playing in tune. This can mean we neglect the most powerful aspect of music: rhythm. All bassists who really made a difference in the music world have one thing in common, they play with a great time feel which allows them to communicate their musical ideas in a compelling way. We all know what it sounds like when we hear someone play with an incredible time feel, and this course will demystify the process so you can develop your own. Many things can be done to help our rhythm, and many things can detract from it—especially habitual things we may be totally unaware of. After all, it's not what you play, it's how you play it!

What will I learn?

The 47 video lessons are presented in a step-by-step order giving you a clear and logical route through the course material.

Topics include:

  • Odd meters
  • Playing with and without drums
  • Metronome exercises
  • Playing ballads
  • Sound development
  • ...and much more.

Each concept or technique is demonstrated using chord progressions to commonly played jazz standards such as 'But Beautiful', 'All the Things You Are' and more.

Check out the full lesson list below:


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Transcriptions of the exercises for those who would like them. These PDFs are displayed on the lessons pages and can be downloaded if required. There are 74 pages of sheet music, so you will have everything you need to practice!

"Danny Ziemann has once again - with his new course on "Discover Double Bass" - showed advanced and new jazz bassists the equally important instrumental and "mindset fundamentals" of building a solid foundation as a rhythm section player with deep insights from not just the bass chair. For me, it serves as a natural continuation of his much praised books "Low Down" and "Harmony vol. 1"

Through a highly musical interactive playing Ziemann´s always clear and beautifully sculptured bass lines offers a complete course that ought to serve as mandatory curriculum in any serious jazz education"

- Morten Ramsbøl, Prof. of Jazz Double Bass, Kunst Uni Graz

"Bassist Danny Ziemann takes you on tour of rhythm playing, time and tempo with regards to the bass, both in a solo setting and trio format. He digs in deep into ideas many musicians likely don't give much thought to. For example, he demonstrates what its like when the bassist keeps the time versus when the drummer does. Or, how a drummer's approach may effect other players. While he demonstrates different ways a bassist may lay out the time, including with a look at historic trends. He also attempts to take some of the mystery out of odd time signatures.

Danny - with his low-key approach, always present smile, and a with an obvious love of all things bass and jazz - invites you into the mystery of the groove. This is the third Discover Double Bass course I've taken. For upright bassists there is no other place to start your education."

- Aaron Joy

Meet the band:

Danny is joined in many of the lessons by Jamil Sherif on piano and Caroline Boaden on drums. Their tasteful and supportive playing will help you to hear how these concepts sound in context.

Who's this course for?

If you are a jazz bassist, this course will be a great fit, but many of the concepts can also be applied to other styles such as popular music. The content ranges from the basics which would suit beginner students, right through to more advanced topics.


Learning to develop a strong sense of time can feel elusive and mystical. In this course, we break it down to help you become your most swinging self!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Will the course work on a tablet?
Yes, all of our courses can be viewed in any internet browser and all the materials for each lesson are on the same page.
Can I download the videos?
No, they are only available to view online. However PDFs of the transcriptions are available to download.
Can I ask Danny questions?
Danny isn't available to answer questions, but we do include membership to the 'Study Group', a private forum where you can ask Geoff Chalmers and our community of double bassists questions.
Can I take this course on bass guitar?
Yes. All of the concepts and ideas are directly applicable to bass guitarists as well as double bassists.
Is this course suitable for beginners?
No. This course is for intermediate to advanced jazz bassists and assumes an understanding of the fundamentals of jazz bass playing.

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