Orchestra Chops: The Complete Collection

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This course bundle includes Orchestra Chops Vol. 1 and Orchestra Chops Vol. 2 by Joseph Conyers.

Orchestra Chops is a series of lessons designed for bassists wanting to improve their classical double bass playing through a series of focussed orchestral excerpts. It's also a great fit for those preparing for orchestral auditions as it features popular audition excerpts.

There are two full-length courses in this bundle which includes 82 lessons and six hours of video. The lessons cover 13 different excerpts including music from Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Mussorgsky, Strauss, Brahms, Wagner, and Prokofiev. Techniques covered in the courses include fingerings, bowings, articulations, phrasings, spiccato, expression, context & much more! Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Orchestra Chops can be taken in any order and they cover lessons on different excerpts and techniques.

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Joseph Conyers
Joseph Conyers

Joseph Conyers is a committed performer, educator and director based in Philadelphia. He is the principal bassist of the Philadelphia Orchestra and teaches double bass at The Juilliard School, NY. He is also the director of music education and leadership nonprofit Project 440.

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Orchestra Chops Vol. 2
Popular orchestral excerpts and techniques for classical bassists.
Joseph Conyers
Orchestra Chops Vol. 1
Essential orchestral excerpts and techniques for double bassists.
Joseph Conyers

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