The Chris Wood Masterclass

An in-depth interview with bassist Chris Wood of The Wood Brothers, and Medeski Martin and Wood.

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What is The Chris Wood Masterclass?

The Chris Wood Masterclass is an in-depth video interview hosted by DDB Founder, Geoff Chalmers. Over three hours of discussion, they unpack the music and techniques of Chris Wood, exploring topics that include: double bass technique, transcription, soloing, optimum performance, bass gear, and much more.

Chris draws upon his years of experience playing in The Wood Brothers and Medeski Martin & Wood as well as with John Scofield, Marc Ribot, John Zorn and many other legendary musicians. His unique approach to the bass will help you find your own voice on your musical journey.

In addition to the discussion, there are numerous musical demonstrations and we have included detailed transcriptions so you can practice them at home.


Chris Wood
Chris Wood

Chris Wood is a legendary double bassist with Medeski Martin & Wood, and The Wood Brothers. Chris is an internationally-recognised bassist and musician, known for free, genre-fusing performances as well as rock-solid grooves and a general mastery of his instrument.


In this Masterclass, we unpack the music and techniques of the legendary bassist and sonic explorer, Chris Wood.

What topics are covered in this Masterclass?

Session One: Chris shares his key musical influences and how they informed his double bass playing, what he learnt from his teachers, how he created exercises to solve challenges like mastering the fingerboard, and his four-step exercise to achieve optimum creativity both on and off the bandstand.

Session Two: We start with right-hand technique, creating your own exercises, intonation, bowing, and prepared double bass. The conversation moves on to playing with Medeski Martin & Wood, John Scofield, and the Wood Brothers.

Session Three: This session starts with more on rhythm, transcription and a new exercise before moving on to composing, touring, bass gear and the recording process.


Detailed transcriptions of Chris Wood's musical examples are included. These PDFs are displayed on the lesson pages and can be downloaded if required.

"Fasten your seatbelt and strap on your helmet - this interview class with Chris Wood is educational and instructive, but above all inspiring!!"

- J. Scott Hinkle

"Just brilliant! I will go back to this often, sometimes just listening again, sometimes trying out the transcriptions with the videos. Mostly it is the enthusiastic relaxed loose-limbed, rhythm-first meditative approach that will stick with me. The pleasure of the interviewer was also lovely to watch. Thank you all."

- Antony Osler

"Chris Wood's Masterclass is a wonderful interview full of helpful ideas and examples. Well worth getting and going through more than once. I just finished my first run through and already I have a more focused approach when playing in bands."

- Leslie B

"Awesome material for bassists at every level. The meditative approach is accessible immediately for the beginner, there's a lot of exercises for the intermediate, and also a lot of composition, and improvisation for the advanced and professional bassist. A great inspiration for any musician!"

- Danilo P

"Amazing, honest look into a real innovator on the Upright Bass. I've seen Chris play many times and it's great to directly hear from him about what drives him, his approach, and about his life in music. Truly inspiring!"

- Jason Loeks

"Great class, great info, and what a great player Chris Wood is. Tons of information is covered and discussed. So interesting and informative to hear Chris's approach to the instrument. I will be referring back to this class many times during my own bass journey.

- Mike Beaulieu

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Masterclass start and finish?
The Masterclass starts now and never ends! It is completely self-paced - you decide when you start and when you finish watching.
How long do I have access to the Masterclass?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this Masterclass for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the Masterclass?
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
How is a Masterclass different from a Course?
Our Masterclass series are long-form interviews about an artist's double bass playing with DDB Founder Geoff Chalmers, whereas our courses are on a specific topic and presented by a single tutor. There are no formal, structured 'lessons' in this Masterclass, but we will hope you will learn lots from the expertise of the artist.
Does Chris Wood discuss bass guitar?
No, this Masterclass focuses solely on the double bass.

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