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This course bundle includes 'Beginner's Classical Bass' and 'Intermediate to Advanced Classical Bass' by Jason Heath.

The Classical Bass Bundle is a series of lessons designed for bassists wanting to learn and improve their classical double bass playing. Starting right at the beginning and progressing through all the fundamentals and beyond, these courses will give you a complete and thorough double bass education.

There are two full-length courses in this bundle which include 136 lessons over 10 hours of video. The lessons cover essential techniques and concepts to learn the bass starting with the key positions, bowing techniques, scales and arpeggios, left-hand techniques and progressing all the way through to complex techniques including vibrato, thumb position, 5th and 6th positions, spiccato, double stops, and string crossings. You can then apply and practise all the techniques with a variety of music in both courses, including seven new exclusive compositions in the second course.

There's loads of material here, but with lifetime access to both courses, there's no rush and you can take the lessons in an order that works for you.

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Jason Heath
Jason Heath

Renowned bassist, educator, clinician, blogger and podcaster at Contrabass Conversations, Jason Heath is well known as the 'voice of the double bass world'. His engaging teaching style and ability to clearly communicate ideas make his lessons easy to understand and highly effective.

Courses Included with Purchase

Intermediate to Advanced Classical Bass
Techniques for bassists going beyond the fundamentals.
Jason Heath
Beginner's Classical Bass
Everything you need to get started with classical double bass.
Jason Heath

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